5 Reasons to Hire Catering Services

Catering Services

5 Reasons to Hire Catering Services

Nothing says “let’s celebrate!” like a festive meal catered by a unique restaurant. THE DUTCH POT JAMAICAN RESTAURANT is here to provide your group with inspired cuisine that goes above and beyond your traditional catering expectations.

Whether you’re hosting a special event, honoring your employees for a job well done, or simply want to spice up the day-to-day routine, an authentic Jamaican takes the party to the next level.

1. Focus on Fun, Not Cooking

Gathering with friends, family, or co-workers should be about spending time enjoying each other’s company. If you’re stuck cooking for a crowd, you’ll miss out on creating lasting memories. Hiring a catering service to feed the party means you’ll have one less thing on your plate (pun intended).

If you’ve cooked for large groups of people in the past, you know that the process is never as straightforward as you hope it will be. Simultaneously cooking several things is a recipe for stress at a time when you should be having fun.

2. No Clean Up Required

Cleaning up afterward is the only thing that’s more time-consuming than cooking for a group. Unfortunately, it’s a lot less enjoyable, too. Pots and pans sit in the sink for days, and your party outfit probably isn’t ideal for a long session of cleaning dishes.

When you hire THE DUTCH POT JAMAICAN RESTAURANT to cater your event, we’ll significantly reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do on your own. Leave the scrubbing and drying to us – you’ll enjoy your event more when those responsibilities aren’t waiting for you.

3. Experience New Cuisine

Cold cuts and pizza are fine, but let’s be honest – they’re not adding much fun to the event. Whether your guests are new to authentic Jamaican cuisine or have been enjoying it for years, every party deserves a little spice and some extra flavor. Even if they have been ordering Jamaican dishes for years, no two places cook it exactly the same. For example, our Dutch Pot cooking method, provides a warmer, softer flavor and texture than when cooking only on a grill.

We offer a variety of dishes, so there’s something for everyone to get excited about. Stick with your favorite, or sample it all! Regardless of which strategy your guests prefer, nobody is going home hungry.  

4. Make a Statement

Show your group that you care about them having a good time! Hiring a catering service, especially one with inspired and unique offerings, sets the tone for a memorable day or night.

You want to send a message to everyone involved that you’re happy they attended the event and that you care about them having a good time. Boring cuisine sends the opposite message. If you’ve taken the time to bring in the professionals hiring catering for your event, it’s a testament to the type of party you want to have.  

5. There’s Something for Everyone

From traditional favorites like BBQ or Fry Chicken to  opens in a new windowJamaican delicacies like Oxtails, there’s something on our menu for everyone to enjoy. For the seafood-lovers, our Escovitch fish is authentically prepared and always full of flavor.  

If you prefer foods that don’t require a table and a chair to eat, fried dumplings or a beef, chicken, or veggie patty is an ideal on-the-go delight. Not to mention, they make a great conversation starter.

Afterward, you finish your main course(s), it’s time for some sweets! Grab a handful of coconut drops as a tasty dessert. This authentic Jamaican treat puts the flavor and tradition of the island front and center.

Contact Us for Authentic Jamaican Catering

Ready to celebrate? THE DUTCH POT JAMAICAN RESTAURANT has been serving up fun and food for more than two decades. When you need to feed a crowd, we’ll come to you!

Get in touch through our website to ask about our  opens in a new windowcatering services, and we’ll make sure nobody goes hungry. No matter the size of your party or their meal preferences, we’ll make sure there’s enough authentic Jamaican cuisine to go around.