Dutch Pot’s Recommendation for Catering

Why Choose Dutch Pot?  

When it comes to preparing authentic Jamaican meals, we’ve been perfecting our recipes and cooking techniques for more than two decades. By using the Dutch Pot, a popular cooking device that’s common to The Island, we’re able to bring the flavors of the Caribbean to life each day.

It’s no secret that Jamaica values having a good time with friends and family. So when  opens in a new windowwe cater any event, our goal is to prepare each meal in a way that adds a little extra spice to your gathering. Additionally, we’ll make sure there’s enough of the good stuff to go around.

Real Jamaican Meals Prepared the Traditional Way

If you’re new to Jamaican cuisine, you’ll have several different meal options to choose from, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. We’ve been serving up the most authentic dishes for  opens in a new windowmore than 20 years and have been tirelessly perfecting the recipes inspired by our heritage.

For those who are looking to dive right into a traditional Caribbean delicacy, Oxtail is the first meal you must try. Cooked slowly over several hours, you’d have a difficult time finding more tender, flavorful meat elsewhere.

Some individuals prefer meals with a bit more spice. Our Jerk or Curry Pork and Chicken dishes incorporate the scotch bonnet – a world-renowned chili pepper that brings the right amount of heat to every meal. Fry Chicken is always an excellent choice for a dish that goes a little easier on spice but doesn’t sacrifice flavor.

As an island nation, Jamaican cuisine features several delicious meals with fish as the primary protein. Escovitch Fish has a long history and is one of the most famous traditional meal choices. Brown Stew Fish is an ideal alternative if you’re looking for a rich, savory flavor from your  opens in a new windowseafood meal.

 Unique Sides and Snacks That Complement Any Entrée

Sometimes you need something to eat with your hands to free yourself up to walk around and socialize with the rest of the party. A beef, chicken, or veggie patty delivers a spiced, savory snack in a flaky outer shell. And trust us; it’s hard to eat just one.

Other popular side options you’ll want to try are Jamaican festivals and fried dumplings. If you’re a fan of American funnel cakes, these deep-fried, slightly sweet treats will be some of your new favorites!

Finally, grab a handful of our coconut drops – a traditional Jamaican dessert that resembles a toffee. Made from sugar and chunks of coconut, you’ll feel like you’re tasting what it feels like to be on the beach overlooking bright blue water.

Authentic Flavor with a Side of Warmth and Hospitality

While we take pride in the food we make, we also focus on providing a warm, inviting experience to every customer we serve. Hospitality for all is part of what it means to embody Jamaican culture, and it’s this approach to service which has kept us in business for more than two decades.

No matter the venue, number of people, or dietary restrictions of your gathering, we’ll work with you to create an experience everyone will remember.

Taste the Dutch Pot Difference – Let’s Start Planning Your Party!

Your party deserves food that adds to the fun! Genuine Jamaican cuisine catered by  opens in a new windowTHE DUTCH POT JAMAICAN RESTAURANT gives you several traditional meal options, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy – even if it’s their first time trying Jamaican food.

Get in touch through our website to ask about our  opens in a new windowcatering services, and let’s start planning your event together. We’ll ensure nobody at your gathering goes hungry!