Cow Foot Dinner

The idea of cooking the cow’s feet is not one of the greatest feats achieved in the Jamaican culinary tradition by any means. However strong or strange disdain you might have for cow foot, as we call it, I challenge you to try this fare…And, you won’t be disappointed. Yah Mon!

Notwithstanding, the workers took the “fifth quarters” and made delicious delicacies that are still enjoyed today by many people in Jamaica, including the upper classes…no blame intended. Easy Nuh Mon!Well back in the old days, the 1600’s and 1700’s, you know during the plantation era, the upper classes would take the best parts of the cow when it’s killed and leave the so called“fifth quarters”(head, feet, tail, internal organs, and skin) for the hired hands and slaves.

As a “fifth quarter” stew, cow foot was a kind of substitute for oxtail sometimes when oxtail was not available. Why? You should guess by now, the cow has but one tail and four feet. You don’t have to do the math to see the advantage the foot has.

Of course cow foot was the kind of stew you would cook mid- week, because the weekends were reserved for chicken or beef soup, and other foods too.

I do hope you come to our restaurant and enjoy this meal. Source: Driven