How Our Catering Process Works

Catering from restaurants is so much more than merely providing food for your guests. Delicious

food can create memories and change the entire atmosphere of an event. At THE DUTCH POT

JAMAICAN RESTAURANT, we believe in providing nothing but the highest quality Jamaican

cuisine. Each bite will leave you and your guests craving more of these historic, authentic


We would love to cater your event. Here’s a little bit more about catering through THE DUTCH

POT JAMAICAN RESTAURANT, and why we’ll quickly become your number one go-to caterer.

The Catering Process

To submit a catering request, simply click on the “Catering” tab of our website. Enter your

contact information (name, email, phone) as well as a few details about your anticipated event.

Tell us about the nature of the event, the atmosphere you’re trying to achieve, the date and time

you would like food delivered or ready for pickup, how many guests you anticipate, dietary

needs, etc.

From there, we’ll be able to provide service based on your specific needs. We would love to provide the food for your event just the way you’ve envisioned it!

After you’ve submitted a catering request, one of our staff members will contact you via phone

or email. We strive to be prompt in our communications, but it may take one or two business

days before you receive a response to your request. THE DUTCH POT JAMAICAN

RESTAURANT is ever-increasing in popularity, and we do our best to keep up with customer

demands. If you would like a prompt reply or would prefer speaking directly with an employee,

we recommend a phone call.

We offer both pickup and delivery options. Whether you know exactly what you want or you’re

hoping to try something new, our staff members will be excited to fill your order. We can help

you select the best dishes based on the crowd you anticipate hosting. Our menu has a wide

spread of delicious options; you’re sure to find something everyone will love.

Our Catering Menu

Our menu encompasses practically every area of traditional Jamaican cuisine from classic

breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes to refreshing beverages, soups, and porridge. It’s a unique,

diverse, and deliciously authentic selection. This is a brief overview of each menu category. For

more details, check out our menu online! Each of our dishes is available in larger portions for



Saltfish is a classic Jamaican staple; you’ll see it in many of the dishes we offer. Our breakfast

menu features saltfish with a variety of sides, including okra, callaloo, and ackee. We also serve

tender breakfast-style liver.

Each breakfast meal is complemented with plantains, bell peppers, and onions. To cater

breakfast through THE DUTCH POT JAMAICAN RESTAURANT, you’ll likely want to order a

variety so that your guests can mix and match the sides they prefer.

Lunch & Dinner

Lunch and dinner items are served interchangeably. Each of these meals primarily consists of a

portion of meat accompanied by two or three sides. We make goat, fish, chicken, pork, and

beef, each in a variety of mouth-watering ways.

If you’d like to cater chicken, choose from our brown stew, barbeque, fry, jerk, and curry chicken

options. If you’d like to try fish prepared the Jamaican way, choose the escovitch or brown stew

fish. From curry goat and oxtails to jerk pork and cowfoot, we have exotic, memorable entrées

that are sure to satisfy your guests.

Soup & Porridge

Jamaican soup is a hearty way to sample some beloved island flavors. It’s also closely tied to

our restaurant’s name and the culinary heritage of cooking in a Dutch pot! To give our customers

a taste of our best tropical cooking, we prepare a different soup each day of the week:

  • Monday: Chicken
  • Tuesday: Gungo
  • Wednesday: Red Peas
  • Thursday: Chicken
  • Friday: Goat Head
  • Saturday: Beef
  • Sunday: Chicken

If you’d like to order a specific variety of soups, talk with one of our catering specialists. They will

be happy to help you put together the perfect assortment of soups for your event.

Jamaican porridge is another homestyle menu item. We serve a different porridge on each day

of the week:

  • Monday: Cornmeal
  • Tuesday: Oatmeal
  • Wednesday: Plantain
  • Thursday: Strong back
  • Friday: Bulga
  • Saturday: Hominy
  • Sunday: Cornmeal/peanut

Beverages & Pastries

If you’re going to have Jamaican food catered to your event, complementing it with tropical

beverages and heavenly pastries is a must! We offer Jamaican favorites, including coconut

water, pineapple ginger juice, sorrel, and grape passion fruit juice. They’ll be a fantastic way to

wash down each flavorful bite of your entrées.

We have several sweet and savory pastries, including fried dumplings and coconut drops, to

add an extra flair to your meal. Serve them before or after the main course to give your guests a

full sampling experience.

Catering From Restaurants: Why The Dutch Pot

THE DUTCH POT JAMAICAN RESTAURANT began as a small, family-run business. We

primarily served friends and families, but word spread quickly, and soon we were cooking for

more orders than we could handle! After opening our first restaurant in Plantation, Florida, our

eager customer base continued to expand rapidly.

Today, we proudly serve the best Jamaican cuisine on the coast, with locations throughout

southern Florida. Two decades of booming business is just the beginning. From West Palm

Beach to Miami, we are happy to work with you to cater your event. Give us a call today—you

and your guests are in for a treat.