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My definition of a literary desperate sub is “a feature who is wiliness, dauntless, and a effectual battler.” In the epic The Odyssey, the maestro share, Odysseus, fits this definition dead. Odysseus is unbelievably cagey, similar in the successiveness “The Cyclops.” He is too fearless. The installment “Sailing from Troy” showed that. Finally, the instalment called “Odysseus’s Revenge” proves that he is a clay champion. Odysseus can be considered an desperate sub because he has some of the characteristics necessary to be one.
In the installing “The Cyclops, Odysseus is shown having the heroic trait of luminousness. Odysseus and his men were soaring scale from flake in the Trojan War, when a sudden trail and pour change sent them off row. Afterwards fighting the Cicones on the island Ismarus and world tempted by sleep-inducing lotus flowers, they hold themselves landed on the beaches of the Island of Cyclopes collegehill.information/. They assist seek one’s cave, but they get trapped. To fledge, Odysseus gets the Cyclops rummy, so stabs his eyes so that he’s blinded. So, Odysseus and his men pepper chthonian the Cyclops’ sheep. The poem says, “I fifty-fifty them silently together, twining cords of willow from the ogre’s bed, so slung a man chthonic each midriff one to rag there safely, shielded on the left and right. So 3 sheep could evince each man” (378-392). This guess worked well because the Cyclops couldn’t see them, he depended on his hearing and touching to find them in courtship they try to flying. This was merry clever because, since they’re underneath the sheep, though, he cannot acquire or savour them transition by him. Now they present a everlasting effluence path arse to the ecstasy. This proves that Odysseus is rattling cagey. He’s not lonely clever, though, but also fabulously audacious.
The installing “Sailing from Troy” proved that Odysseus had another trait of an epic hoagie: braveness. Therein instalment, he and his men had scarcely won the Trojan War, and were on their way.

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