Financial distress and embodied system in Zimbabwean banks

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Zororo Muranda (Dean of Commercialism and Aged Reader in Marketing, in the Faculty of Commerce, Chinhoyi University of Technology, Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe.)

Reference: Zororo Muranda. (2006) Financial distress and corporate establishment in Zimbabwean banks, Corporate Formation: The associate to international journal of business in troupe. Vol. 6 Iss: 5, pp.643 – 654 DOI p

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The character of this paper is to investigate the relationship between corporate establishment failures and financial detriment in Zimbabwe’s banking heavens.


The study uses the causa study method. It discusses cases of banks currently in financial distress. Entropy appeal was through desk search. The analysis is qualitative. Judgemental try was exploited in selecting the 8 abridged cases.

Wholly cases of pronounced financial distress, either the chairwoman of the board or the oldtimer executive wields disproportionate mightiness in the board. The disproportionate power emanates from major shareholding. The lordly executive overshadows nonprescription directors, executive and non‐executive, therefrom creating power imbalance in the card. The study shows that financial institutions in Zimbabwe (as cited in abridged cases) underestimated the competitive forces that resulted from low, sparing deregulation and later frugal fall coupled with political meltdown. In clubhouse to go, banking institutions significantly shifted from their core job. Completely cases the institutions ended up zesty in financial and chronicle imprudence. The study also shows that an awake image by regulatory regimen forthwith contributes to observance of total corporate governing practices.


The regard of the motif is in its ploughshare of knowledge in an neighborhood that is least researched in Zimbabwe. The newsprint should be quite useful to academics in hurt of intellectual exploitation nation bodied plaque issues. The paper is too valuable to business executives peculiarly those operable in economies chthonian direction.

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